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Introduction to users

Administrators can create user accounts and assign roles to users, determining what access they have to various modules in the system.

Administration > User Administration > Users will take you to the Manage Users page, which displays a list view of all existing users.

Table 1: List view contents

Columns Description
Username Username a user uses to log in.
Full Name Full name of the user.
Email Email address associated with the user's account.
Last Login Date of user's last login.

Create a new user

  1. Navigate to Administration > User Administration > Users
  2. Click Create User
  3. Fill in the following and click Create:

Table 2: New user properties

Field Description
Username Username the user will use to log in.
First Name First name of the user.
Last Name Last name of the user.
Email Email associated with the user's account. If notifications are sent to this user, this is the email address that will receive them.
Password User's password. The bars below the password field will fill to indicate the strength of the password. The password strength policy can be set in the Password Policy module.
Roles Determines what roles the user will have within the application. Roles determine access to various modules throughout the system. See the roles article for more information.
Default App The application that should open when this user logs in.
Active Whether the user is active. Inactive users are effectively archived and cannot log in.

Edit or delete a user

Existing users can be edited or deleted by clicking the Actions button that appears to the right on mouseover of the entry on the list view.