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Introduction to companies

Companies can be one level of specificity within your organization's structure. Creating and using companies in your application allows you to view data with business context. Vulnerabilities are associated to hosts, which are associated with the rest of the structure in a chain: Host > Business Service > Business Unit > Division > Company > Location. Data can then be sorted on reports and searches so that users can view, e.g. vulnerabilities by company.

The way different pieces of the organizational structure relate to each other can by modified by changing the reference attributes on each organizational data model.

Navigating to Administration > Organization > Companies will take you to the Manage Companies page, which displays a list view of companies and allows for the creation of new ones.

Table 1: List view contents

Columns Description
Name Name of the company
Website Website of the company
Number of employees Number of employees at this company
Updated By Who last updated the company
Last Updated Last time the company was updated

Create a new company


  1. Navigate to Administration > Organization > Companies
  2. Click Create Company
  3. Fill in the properties below and click Create.

Table 2: New company properties

Field Description
Name Name of the company. The name will be displayed wherever the company appears in the UI.
Description Description of the company
Website Website of the company
Locations Location(s) of the company. Companies may have more than one location.
Number of employees Number of employees at the company
Parent Parent company
Publicly traded Checkbox that indicates whether the company is publicly traded
Stock Symbol Stock symbol for the company
Primary Indicates whether this is the primary company

Edit or delete a company

Existing companies can be edited or deleted by clicking the Actions button that appears to the right on mouseover of the entry on the list view.